How do you strengthen the bond that you have with your cat? You give them a treat that simple yet yummy and you’ll have her rubbing up against your leg in no time.

Cats can be notoriously distant and aloof. That’s just how they are. They don’t respond like dogs to your love and affection. Well, they can if they feel like it, but it’s not a spontaneous thing.

This, of course, can drive you crazy. It doesn’t mean that your cat loves you any less. It just means that they are not going to leap all over with joy. Please. Cats don’t do that.

That also doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate treats like animal (and human). The point is not to overdo the treats because you’re in need of cat love.

If cats eat more calories than they can burn, they are going to put on weight. Do not turn your friend into a fat cat. Leave that to the Wall Street pundits. A treat “now and then” is the trick – and more then than now.

Cats love and need meat – chicken or beef are the stock favorites. However, leave these for the main meals of the day – a little in the morning and at night. There are a zillion products in the market that are produced for cats but read the ingredients on the packet carefully.

These products usually have artificial flavorings, have been processed from here to tomorrow and have cheap additives that don’t mean anything for you or your cat.

Make the food yourself

It’s best to make the food for your cat yourself. That way, you can be sure that what they’re eating is simple and nutritious. A word of warning here – cats can also be incredibly fussy. What one of your cats likes, your other one will turn its nose up to it, so get to know what each cat likes and give it to them.

Get going with cheese, tuna, salmon, and catnip. You can mix a little of two of the items and change them around for morning and evening. Make sure the food has moisture, so you can add some flour with the cheese, bake them a little and leave to cool.

Combine tuna with egg and water and mix it up to make a delicious treat. Also, ground beef, catnip and eggs mixed up and dusted over some dental cat treats will keep teeth clean and healthy while giving your cat and major treat. This is more a meal than a snack, but you can always skip a meal when for this snack.

You should always check with your vet as to how many calories your cat should be getting. Make sure you are using moderation is all your offerings. Don’t think you are being kind by lavishing huge amounts of food on your pet.

Your vet will tell you just how much food your cat should be getting and which foods contain the correct amount of vitamins and minerals your cats need.

No fancy people food

Don’t go giving them any fancy people food, or foods containing huge amounts of dairy. Your cat could well be lactose intolerant and will result in diarrhea.

People food tend to have far too many calories than your cat can handle, and the sophisticated ingredients can have them throwing up all over the place. Not good, for your cat or you!

Avoid giving people nibbles like raisins or grapes and liquids like alcohol or tea. These could all be toxic for your cat. Your vet will give you this warning, and you could be astonished that people would give alcohol to a pet! Yet, it happens. People can be very odd indeed.

Don’t experiment with food that has not been recommended by your vet. While you are there, let the vet recommend a cat product that is wholesome enough for your pet. They will normally sell such a product at their practice.