Labradoodles are arguably one of the cutest mixed dog breeds. Many dog lovers will still stick to their French bulldogs or mini dachshunds, but people who love dogs with curly hair will agree that mini Labradoodles make the best family pets. Even people who are single and dog lovers will continue to opt for this intelligent breed when seeking animal companionship.   

What are Labradoodles exactly?

Australian dog breeder history confirms that the Labradoodle is the combination of a Labrador and a poodle. Mini Labradoodles are a mix between the Labrador and a miniature poodle. Original experimental breeding sought to create the perfect guide dog with hair that would be hypoallergenic, and they succeeded with the first attempt. Since then, breeding efforts have not always produced all Labradoodles with allergy-friendly hair, but they still make good companions.   

Mini Labradoodle size and weight

Labradoodles come in three different sizes. Large dogs can grow up to a height of 24 inches. Medium-sized animals reach an average of around 20 inches, but the miniature breed will only grow to about 16 inches in height. Larger breeds weigh in at about 60 pounds, with medium sizes reaching approximately 40 pounds. Typically, you can expect your miniature Labradoodle to weigh in the region of 20 pounds. 

Hair characteristics and colors

Due to breeder variations, Labradoodle hair characteristics can differ quite vastly. Some miniatures may end up with hair that is extremely curly and soft, while others will have wavy hair. Yet others will have hair that is more straight than curly. This hybrid may also have hair that is coarse rather than silky. Hair color will depend on how the dog has been bred, with colors ranging from black to brown or blond with several shades in between.   


Labradoodles have loads of personality. Combine the sedate gentle nature of the Labrador with the intelligence of the poodle, and you get an energetic breed that loves to have fun. Although high-energy dogs, Labradoodles can be lethargic but prefer it if you play with them and take them on long walks. Aim for between 30 and 60 minutes of daily playtime to keep your Labradoodle in a happy place.   

Family-friendly pets

Labradoodles are known to be extremely boisterous when excited. Because of this characteristic, you may want to watch their behavior when around small children. Knocking small people over is quite common with these mini pets but is unintentional. Other than a boisterous personality, you can be sure that your Labradoodle is both pet and people-friendly. As always, maintain a close eye on your pet in the presence of children.   

Pet training

Labradoodles are not well-suited to small spaces such as apartments due to their boisterous natures. Even if you have a home with spacious grounds that allow your pet to run free, it is advisable to train your puppy from a young age to be more manageable. Home training and professional training are recommended from about six months to get them properly socialized and obedient.           


All puppies need special nutrition once separated from their mothers. Choose quality pet food designed for puppies to ensure they get all the nutrition they need to support healthy growth. As your puppy matures, change the food to suit their needs. Pet stores and veterinarians are the best places to shop for quality pet food. Feed your mini Labradoodle twice a day and watch their weight to avoid unnecessary issues. 


Brush your mini Labradoodle at least twice every week and take them to a professional dog groomer for a wash and cut every six months. Spend extra time caring for their ears to prevent infections and brush their teeth three times a week to keep their dental hygiene in good condition. Trim their nails monthly unless you take them for regular walks and can see that their nails are in good shape.