Looking more fashionable isn’t always about wearing the coolest trends, mastering complicated styling tricks, or wearing the most expensive clothes. (Who has the bank account for that, anyway? Can’t be me.) It can really be as easy as loosely tucking in your shirt, throwing on a pair of sunglasses, or adding more layers to your look.

Although sometimes this is easier said than done, and you might still think, “Thanks for the advice, but I’ll never look as good as these street style stars,” and to that I say, cheesy as it sounds, the best key to being fashionable is just confidence. Simple as that!
Even if a specific ensemble feels outside of your comfort zone, just go around and act like it’s something you wear all the time—your outfit is as much about your attitude as it is the clothes and accessories.
But if you still want some easy tips to help pull off an over-the-top ‘fit or look fashionable without trying too hard, here are 14 ways to get the compliments rolling in.

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Color coordinate!

Pick two or three colors to base your outfit around (in this case mint green and off-white), and then go off that with your clothing and accessories—and even your makeup! You’ll look pulled together and elevated no matter what scheme you go with.

street style at paris fashion week   womenswear spring summer 2021  day two


Mix textures.

Pile on a bunch of different fabrics in one look—ribbed knit, snakeskin print, suede, silk, leather, etc.—and it’s super chic. You can opt to go bold with your color choices or keep them all in the same shade to make the texture mixing more subtle.

street style   paris fashion week   haute couture springsummer 2020  day two

Go all out with color.

If you want your ensemble to have personality, forget everything you know about what colors “go together.” There are no rules! Combine neons, neutrals, pastels, and more into one outfit to make it purposeful and to stand out.

street style mercedes benz   fashion week russia springsummer 2021


Wear a matching set.

This is one of the easiest ways to look chic. Any coordinating two-piece like a pantsuit, skirt suit, knit set, or even sweatsuit looks automatically fashionable. Then all you have to do is pick out your shoes and other accessories to go with it.

street style   berlin   may 30, 2020

Pair a blazer with a graphic tee.

A luxe blazer over an edgier graphic T-shirt paired with jeans pulls off that “high-low” look. It’s an effortless ‘fit that’s both casual and dressed up, no matter where you’re heading.

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day five


Opt for monochrome.

Pick one hue and go for it! (You definitely don’t have to match your hair lol, but you can if you want.) This option makes getting dressed for the day wayyy faster since it narrows down your choices, and you can match head-to-toe without spending too much time on your outfit.

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day six

Wear your jacket on your shoulders.

Don’t think of your jacket as a jacket. Think of it as a cape with sleeves that fall by your arms. Especially going into transitional weather, it’s a simple way to wear a jacket that won’t make you overheat, but will still give you the coverage you want.

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day two


Layers, layers, and more layers.

The more layers you have, the less likely any one piece is to really make or break your outfit, so go crazy—e.g., wear a coat, over a dress, over a mesh shirt, with tights, like seen here. Basically, think of yourself as a fashionable onion. A bonus: This tip works well in the winter time when you need to bundle up anyway!

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day eight

Change up your footwear.

Whatever you would normally choose for footwear, choose the opposite. Trade your high heels for flat booties, your sneakers for high heels, and your sandals for sneakers. The more wrong it feels, the more right it is. Trust me on this one.

street style   berlin   october 13, 2020


Play with proportions.

A bra top with an oversized quilted jacket. An bulky top with cut-off shorts. Looking fashionable is all about varying proportion and leaning into contrast. Not just pairing big and small shapes, but also structured and soft textures, tight and loose silhouettes, and thick and light materials.

street style   berlin   september 6, 2020

Don’t tuck in your top all the way.

Whether it’s a sweater, a tank, or a collared silk shirt, just grab that middle front piece, loosely tuck it down, and watch your style cred increase instantaneously. The less effort you put into the tuck, the better.

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day five


Slap a hat on it.

Fashion is all about making a statement and creating a well-defined look, and no other accessory does that quite like a good hat. Sure, some styles can be a little costume-y, but that’s kinda the point.

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day six

Wear sunglasses.

If you put on an outfit and it feels like it’s missing something that you can’t quite put your finger on, odds are it’s a pair of sunglasses. Even better if they coordinate with the rest of your outfit, like this lilac pair here. They’re also easier to put on than eye makeup, just sayin’.

street style    paris fashion week   womenswear fallwinter 20202021  day nine


Wear your cross-body bag in the front.

Pull that thing around to the front and show it off. You know it’s your favorite part of your outfit anyway. Another trick is to adjust it so that the strap is shorter and sits closer to your waist as opposed to the top of your leg.

street style in london   october 2020